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    LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) Observation campaign: Strategies, implementation, and lessons learned

    Heldmann, J. L., Colaprete, A., Wooden, D. H., Ackermann, R. F., Acton, D. D., Backus, P. R., Bailey, V., Ball, J. G., Barott, W. C., Blair, S. K., Buie, M. W., Callahan, S., Chanover, N. J., Choi, Y. J., Conrad, A., Coulson, D. M., Crawford, K. B., DeHart, R., De Pater, I., Disanti, M. & 67 others, Forster, J. R., Furusho, R., Fuse, T., Geballe, T., Gibson, J. D., Goldstein, D., Gregory, S. A., Gutierrez, D. J., Hamilton, R. T., Hamura, T., Harker, D. E., Harp, G. R., Haruyama, J., Hastie, M., Hayano, Y., Hinz, P., Hong, P. K., James, S. P., Kadono, T., Kawakita, H., Kelley, M. S., Kim, D. L., Kurosawa, K., Lee, D. H., Long, M., Lucey, P. G., Marach, K., Matulonis, A. C., McDermid, R. M., McMillan, R., Miller, C., Moon, H. K., Nakamura, R., Noda, H., Okamura, N., Ong, L., Porter, D., Puschell, J. J., Rayner, J. T., Rembold, J. J., Roth, K. C., Rudy, R. J., Russell, R. W., Ryan, E. V., Ryan, W. H., Sekiguchi, T., Sekine, Y., Skinner, M. A., Sôma, M., Stephens, A. W., Storrs, A., Suggs, R. M., Sugita, S., Sung, E. C., Takatoh, N., Tarter, J. C., Taylor, S. M., Terada, H., Trujillo, C. J., Vaitheeswaran, V., Vilas, F., Walls, B. D., Watanabe, J. I., Welch, W. J., Woodward, C. E., Yim, H. S. & Young, E. F., May 2012, In: Space Science Reviews. 167, 1-4, p. 93-140 48 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

    12 Scopus citations
  • The HOSTS Survey: Evidence for an Extended Dust Disk and Constraints on the Presence of Giant Planets in the Habitable Zone of β Leo

    Defrère, D., Hinz, P. M., Kennedy, G. M., Stone, J., Rigley, J., Ertel, S., Gaspar, A., Bailey, V. P., Hoffmann, W. F., Mennesson, B., Millan-Gabet, R., Danchi, W. C., Absil, O., Arbo, P., Beichman, C., Bonavita, M., Brusa, G., Bryden, G., Downey, E. C., Esposito, S. & 21 others, Grenz, P., Haniff, C., Hill, J. M., Leisenring, J. M., Males, J. R., McMahon, T. J., Montoya, M., Morzinski, K. M., Pinna, E., Puglisi, A., Rieke, G., Roberge, A., Rousseau, H., Serabyn, E., Spalding, E., Skemer, A. J., Stapelfeldt, K., Su, K., Vaz, A., Weinberger, A. J. & Wyatt, M. C., Apr 1 2021, In: Astronomical Journal. 161, 4, 186.

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    2 Scopus citations
  • The Leech exoplanet imaging survey: Characterization of the coldest directly imaged exoplanet, GJ 504 b, and evidence for superstellar metallicity

    Skemer, A. J., Morley, C. V., Zimmerman, N. T., Skrutskie, M. F., Leisenring, J., Buenzli, E., Bonnefoy, M., Bailey, V., Hinz, P., Defrére, D., Esposito, S., Apai, D., Biller, B., Brandner, W., Close, L., Crepp, J. R., De Rosa, R. J., Desidera, S., Eisner, J., Fortney, J. & 22 others, Freedman, R., Henning, T., Hofmann, K. H., Kopytova, T., Lupu, R., Maire, A. L., Males, J. R., Marley, M., Morzinski, K., Oza, A., Patience, J., Rajan, A., Rieke, G., Schertl, D., Schlieder, J., Stone, J., Su, K., Vaz, A., Visscher, C., Ward-Duong, K., Weigelt, G. & Woodward, C. E., Feb 1 2016, In: Astrophysical Journal. 817, 2, 166.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

    33 Scopus citations
  • Vector-apodizing phase plate coronagraph: Design, current performance, and future development

    Doelman, D. S., Snik, F., Por, E. H., Bos, S. P., Otten, G. P. P. L., Kenworthy, M., Haffert, S. Y., Wilby, M., Bohn, A. J., Sutlieff, B. J., Miller, K., Ouellet, M., de Boer, J., Keller, C. U., Escuti, M. J., Shi, S., Warriner, N. Z., Hornburg, K., Birkby, J. L., Males, J. & 33 others, Morzinski, K. M., Close, L. M., Codona, J., Long, J., Schatz, L., Lumbres, J., Rodack, A., Van Gorkom, K., Hedglen, A., Guyon, O., Lozi, J., Groff, T., Chilcote, J., Jovanovic, N., Thibault, S., de Jonge, C., Allain, G., Vallee, C., Patel, D., Cote, O., Marois, C., Hinz, P., Stone, J., Skemer, A., Briesemeister, Z., Boehle, A., Glauser, A. M., Taylor, W., Baudoz, P., Huby, E., Absil, O., Carlomagno, B. & Delacroix, C., Jul 1 2021, In: Applied optics. 60, 19, p. E52-D72

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    5 Scopus citations