A function-associated molecule on rat natural killer cells identified by anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies

Donald L. Evans, David T. Harris, John Leary, Liliana Jaso-Friedmann

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Monoclonal antibodies were generated against idiotopes on an NK target antigen-specific IgM monoclonal antibody (mab). This mab (18C2) was originally produced against (NC-37) human EBV-transformed B cells. The 18C2 mab inhibits natural killer cell lysis of NC-37 and other target cells by preventing conjugate formation. Anti-18C2(id) mabs were tested for binding to effector cells and screened by ELISA, flow cytometry, and by inhibition of NK cytotoxicity. Two of the anti-18C2(id) (anti-id) mabs (12H1.C5 and 6D9.B11) were chosen for further study. The idiotypic specificity of these anti-id mabs was confirmed by testing their binding to 18C2 hybridoma cells in the presence of homologous and heterologous "cold" inhibitor mabs. Experiments were also conducted to determine the functional properties of these mabs. Anti-18C2(id) mab 12H1.C5 inhibited the cytotoxic activity of rat splenic NK (nylon wool nonadherent cells, NWNA) and rat ALAK cells. Flow cytometric (FCM) analysis of the binding of the anti-18C2(id) mabs demonstrated that mab 12H1.C5 bound 75.43% rat NWNA spleen cells, 43.74% rat ALAK cells, and 74.33% rat CRC- cells. Anti-id mab 6D9.B11 bound 45.20% NWNA cells, 70.45% rat ALAK cells, and 55.86% CRC- cells. Two-color FCM analysis demonstrated that the anti-id mabs not only bound to the same molecule on NK cells, but also these mabs bound to the same molecule as 5C6, an anti-NK. cell mab. Biochemical analysis of the antigen recognized by mab 12H1.C5 was determined by Western blotting. The determinant on NWNA cells recognized by mab 12H 1.C5 had an Mr, of 40 kDa and appeared to be identical to that recognized by mab 5C6. The same experiment using a transformed rat RNK-16 (CRC-) cell extract and Western blot analysis, demonstrated an Mr of 42 and 48 kDa in the presence of mabs 5C6 and 12H1.C5. Monoclonal antibody 5C6 was previously shown to recognize a vimentin-like function-associated molecule on NK cell membranes. The anti-id mabs were also shown to have cross-reactivity with the intermediate filament vimentin as determined by Western blot analysis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)293-305
Number of pages13
JournalCellular Immunology
Issue number2
StatePublished - May 1992

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