A help or a hindrance? The impact of job training on the employment status of disadvantaged women

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The objective of this study is to evaluate whether welfare-sponsored, government-funded job training helps participants improve their employment status. The negligible effects found in prior studies may be due to design limitations or inherent flaws in job training programs and therefore do not necessarily contradict human capital theory. The present study uses longitudinal and representative data, dynamic modeling techniques, an appropriate counterfactual, and important contextual variables to assess the likelihood of obtaining employment for job training participants and nonparticipants. It also describes the types of jobs women obtain by examining wages, industry, occupation, and labor union membership. Whereas some of the results support prior research, the focus is on the unique contributions of this study, which include a differential training effect for full- and part-time workers and a detailed analysis of macro-structural variables, which are rarely included in studies of labor supply.

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