A phase II trial of mitomycin, vincristine, bleomycin, and cisplatin (MOBP) as neoadjuvant therapy in high-risk cervical carcinoma

Sheldon A. Weiner, Silvio Aristizabal, David S. Alberts, Earl A. Surwit, Kathryn Deatherage-Deuser

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Twenty patients with locally advanced or metastatic cervical carcinoma were treated with mitomycin, vincristine, bleomycin, and cisplatin (MOBP), prior to radiotherapy (RT) of curative intent. Five patients had stage I disease, 2 stage II, 10 stage III, and 3 stage IV. All but one patient with stage I and II disease had nodal metastases. Patients received two courses of MOBP prior to and cisplatin q 3 weeks during RT. Response rates after completion of MOBP and prior to RT were as follows: 3 18 (16.6%) patients had a complete response (CR), 10 18 (55.5%) had a partial response (PR), 3 18 (16.6%) had improvement, and 2 18 (11.1%) had no response (NR). Five patients developed radiation complications. Of 7 patients with stage I and II disease, 6 (86%) currently have no evidence of disease (NED) (median 27 months). Of 13 patients with advanced disease, 3 (23%) are NED (median 17 months), 8 (61.5%) have expired, and 2 (15.4%) are alive with disease. MOBP is associated with significant response rates in the untreated patient but has not improved survival in patients with advanced disease. Patients with early disease and positive nodes may benefit from this regimen.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalGynecologic oncology
Issue number1
StatePublished - May 1988


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