A revision of the genus Hypotrix Guenée in North America with descriptions of four new species and a new genus (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Noctuinae, Eriopygini)

J. Donald Lafontaine, Clifford D. Ferris, J. Bruce Walsh

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The genus Hypotrix Guenée, 1852 is synonymized with Trichorthosia Grote, 1883, Proteinania Hampson, 1905, Ursogastra Smith, 1906, and Trichagrotis McDunnough, [1929]. Four species are transferred from the genus Hexorthodes McDunnough [Hypotrix trifascia (Smith, 1891), comb. n., H. alamosa (Barnes, 1904), comb. n., T. hueco (Barnes, 1904), comb. n., and T. optima (Dyar, 1920), comb. n.]. Four new species are described (T. basistriga Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh; T. naglei Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh; T. ocularis Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh; and T. rubra Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh). A new genus, Anhypotrix Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh, is proposed for Polia tristis Barnes & McDunnough, 1910, currently misplaced in Trichorthosia. A key to species, descriptions, illustrations of adults and genitalia are included.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue numberSPEC. ISSUE 5
StatePublished - Apr 23 2010



  • Anhypotrix
  • Arizona
  • Brazil
  • Colorado
  • Hexorthodes
  • Hypotrix
  • Mexico
  • New Mexico
  • Proteinania
  • Taxonomy
  • Texas
  • Trichagrotis
  • Trichorthosia
  • Ursogastra
  • Utah

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