A tool for multipurpose use of online flora and fauna: The Biological Information Browsing Environment (BIBE)

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The Biological Information Browsing Environment (BIBE) is a facility to help novices and experts find information about plants and animals in digital collections. The Project is funded by the National Science Foundation Biological Databases and Informatics Program and is a collaboration between the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, Illinois Natural History Survey, Missouri Botanical Garden, Flora of North America Project at the Harvard Herbarium, and Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The objectives of the Project are to facilitate access to online flora and fauna by both novices and experts through enhanced indexing, searching, and visualization techniques. Specific search facility and content will be added to help users with different levels of domain knowledge identify species based on the augmentation of professionally developed taxonomic treatments or species descriptions. This is a novel use of taxonomic descriptions. In the course of development the system will undergo a series of qualitative and quantitative evaluations and re-designs by several communities of users, including professional entomologists and botanists as well as citizen scientists performing biodiversity surveys.

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