Activity-composition relation of jadeite in omphacite pyroxene: Theoretical deductions

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Theoretical considerations suggest that the activity coefficient of jadeite in natural multicomponent omphacite pyroxene can be approximated by an expression of the form RT ln γjd {reversed tilde equals} W12 (XDi + XHed) (I - XJd), where W12 is an adjustable interchange parameter in the jadeite-diopside join, and X stands for the mole fraction of the specified component in the pyroxene solid solution. Synthesis of the available experimental and observational data yields W12 {reversed tilde equals} - 1400 (± 1400) + 1.16 (± 1.16) cal/mole, suggesting a nearly ideal solution around 1100°C, and negative departure from ideality at low temperature of the jadeite-diopside solid solution.

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JournalEarth and Planetary Science Letters
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StatePublished - Jun 1973


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