L. R. Tymes, T. W. Hall, E. Hunt, G. Diehr, D. Garnatz, J. R. Schultz, S. V. Cantrill, K. G. Morgan, S. Raymond, L. Chalmers, W. Steuber, L. E. DeCuir, R. W. Garrett, D. E. Thomas, J. F. Nunamaker

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Following is a continuation of the list of titles and authors. TYMNET - A Terminal-Oriented Communication Network. By L. R. Tymes. Implementation of an Interactive Conference System. By T. W. Hall. Who Are the Users? - An Analysis of Computer Use in a University Computer Center. By E. Hunt, G. Diehr and D. Garnatz. Initial Operational Problem Oriented Medical Record System - For Storage, Manipulation and Retrieval of Medical Data. By J. R. Schultz, S. V. Cantrill and K. G. Morgan. Laboratory Verification of Patient Identity. By S. Raymond, L. Chalmers and W. Steuber. Data System Environment Simulator (DASYS). By L. E. DeCuir and R. W. Garrett. Management Information Systems - What Happens After Implementation? By D. E. Thomas, Jr. Methodology for the Design and Optimization of Information Processing Systems. By J. F. Nunamaker, Jr.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 1971
Externally publishedYes

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