Assessing student perceived outcomes for a Methods Television (MTV) video project in a research methodology class

Terri L. Warholak, Adrienne M. Gilligan, Jason T. Hurwitz, Marion Slack, Christina A. Spivey, Marie Chisholm-Burns

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Objectives: To (1) assess the outcomes of making a Methods Television (MTV) video on student perceptions, and (2) evaluate how students learn best in a research methods class. Methods: Pharmacy students enrolled in a research methods class (n = 93) were given the option to create an educational MTV video. Teams (n = 15) were randomly assigned a research methodology topic and three objectives for the video. All students in attendance on the last day (n = 88) completed an attitudinal questionnaire designed to assess students' perceptions regarding the class and MTV video projects. Results: Students indicated that multiple activities helped them learn the most in class (i.e., in-class assignments, homework); 51% stated that videos helped improve their knowledge of research methods and 52% indicated it was entertaining. Conclusion: More than half of the students indicated that the MTV videos helped with their understanding of research methods, an indication that the project goal was reached.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)211-217
Number of pages7
JournalCurrents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 1 2010



  • Pharmacy education
  • Research methodology
  • Retrospective prettest-posttest
  • Statistics

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