C. Chan, J. Mazumder, M. M. Chen

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An axis-symmetry model of the fluid flow and heat transfer of laser melted pool is developed. The model corresponds physically to a stationary laser source. Non-dimensional form of the governing equations are derived. Four dimensionless parameters arise from the non-dimensionalization, namely, Peclet number, Prandtl number, Dimensionless melting temperature, and Radiation factor. Their effects and significances are discussed. Numerical solutions for some low melting point metals are obtained. The solid liquid interface, which is not known a priori, is solved. Quantitative effects of the dimensionless parameters on pool shape are obtained. In order to understand the process in a more physical sense, the effects on pool shape due to process parameters, total power and beam radius, are also presented. In the presence of the flow field, the heat transfer becomes convection dominated. Its effect on isotherms within the molten pool is discussed.

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PublisherMetallurgical Soc of AIME
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ISBN (Print)0895204924
StatePublished - Dec 1 1985
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