B meson decays to open charm and charmonium at BaBar

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Since it began recording data in 1999, the BaBar detector at the SLAC B Factory has collected nearly 90 million B meson pairs. Using this sample, we are able to make precise measurements of B decays to open charm and charmonium. In particular, we have measured the rates for B → DD̄K, for the color-suppressed modes B0 → D0π0, B0 → D0η, and B0 → D 0ω, for B+ → χc 0K+, and for B0 → Ds (*)+ D*-. We have also begun preparations for a measurement of the CKM angle γ by studying the modes B+ → D0K+, B0 → Ds (*)+π-, and B0 → D s(*)+K-.


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