Beyond continuity and towards fluidity of care. Rethinking long-term care for an aging society

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The need for continuity of care in the case for the elderly - as also in other kinds of care - is constantly being stressed. In this article, the author considers continuity of care to be a concept and places it in a structural and process context. The author stresses that the present perception of the concept is limited to the structure of the care and that an equally important operational perspective is lacking. Thus, the concept of 'continuity of care' is insufficient for the formulation of an adequate and flexible care policy that meets the needs and demands of the elderly. The author develops his position on two levels. First, an expansion of the concept of continuity of care in four dimensions (locus of care, care providers, substitution, and specialization of provisions) means a rethinking of the structure of care for the elderly. In addition, he examines how the structure of continuous care can be formalized in operational care models that are more attuned to the care process.

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JournalActa Hospitalia
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