Case triage model for the practice of telepathology

A. K. Bhattacharyya, John R. Davis, Bradford E. Halliday, Anna R. Graham, S. Anne Leavitt, Ralph Martinez, Ricardo A. Rivas, Ronald S. Weinstein

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A case triage model for the practice of telepathology was devised. The usefulness of the model was tested, first, by analyzing the workflow through the network, and second by evaluating diagnostic concordance in 150 surgical cases by comparing the diagnosis of the referring pathologists with the diagnoses of the consulting telepathologists as well as by comparing the referring pathologist's diagnoses with the consensus reached by an independent review panel. Tests results show the case triage model to be suitable for the practice of telepathology are significantly reduces the need for subspecialty pathologists. Static imaging pathology is found useful and reasonably efficient for rendering diagnostic opinions in the majority of referred cases. Tissue sampling limitations imposed by static imaging occasionally resulted in diagnostic errors.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)9-17
Number of pages9
JournalTelemedicine Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 1995


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Bhattacharyya, A. K., Davis, J. R., Halliday, B. E., Graham, A. R., Leavitt, S. A., Martinez, R., Rivas, R. A., & Weinstein, R. S. (1995). Case triage model for the practice of telepathology. Telemedicine Journal, 1(1), 9-17.