Development of the Arizona robotic telescope network

Benjamin J. Weiner, David Sand, Paul Gabor, Chris Johnson, Scott Swindell, Petr Kubanek, Victor Gasho, Taras Golota, Buell Jannuzi, Peter Milne, Nathan Smith, Dennis Zaritsky

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The Arizona Robotic Telescope Network (ARTN) project is a long term effort to develop a system of telescopes to carry out a exible program of PI observing, survey projects, and time domain astrophysics including monitoring, rapid response, and transient/target-of-opportunity followup. Steward Observatory operates and shares in several 1-3m class telescopes with quality sites and instrumentation, largely operated in classical modes. Science programs suited to these telescopes are limited by scheduling exibility and available observer person-power. Our goal is to adapt these facilities for multiple co-existing queued programs, nterrupt capability, remote/robotic operation, and delivery of reduced data. In the long term, planning for the LSST era, we envision an automated system coordinating across multiple telescopes and sites, where alerts can trigger followup, classi

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalUnknown Journal
StatePublished - Sep 4 2018


  • Queue scheduling
  • Remote observing
  • Robotic telescopes
  • Time-domain astronomy

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