Discussion of “Similitude Theory Applied to Correlation of Flume Sediment Transport Data” by D. I. H. Barr and J. G. Herbertson

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Barr and Herbertson, in the abstract of their paper ‘Similitude Theory Applied to the Correlation of Flume Sediment Transport Data,’ state: A rigorous method of correlation compatible with feasible laboratory procedures is presented and illustrated in figure form using available data. It was found that the bulk of the published data was in a form unsuitable for use in a rational correlation. The authors conclude that new experimentation is required and that could best be done by cooperation among institutions with the necessary apparatus. The authors appear to say that their proposed approach to the analysis of sediment transport data is not supported by existing data; hence it is necessary to perform additional experiments in hopes of finding some data that will fit the plot.

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JournalWater Resources Research
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