Effects of Prenatal Androgenization and Implantation on the Performance and Carcass Composition of Lactating Heifers in the Single-Calf Heifer System

G. N. Hermesmeyer, L. L. Berger, Dan B Faulkner, D. J. Kesler, T. G. Nash, D. M. Schaefer

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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate feedlot performance of heifers and calves and the lactational characteristics and carcass composition and quality of heifers while in the single-calf heifer (SCH) system. In Exp. 1, 24 lactating Angus × Holstein heifers were slowly adapted to an 85% concentrate diet, and one-half of the heifers were implanted with Finaplix-H®, both at 11 wk postpartum. Heifer-calf pairs were then placed in feedlot pens, equipped with pinpointer feeding devices, and fed an 85% concentrate diet for 102 d. The control (C) and implanted (I) heifers had similar (P=0.27) daily gains and similar (P=0.30) DMI; however, I heifers consumed 8.9% less (P

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)173-180
Number of pages8
JournalProfessional Animal Scientist
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1 1999
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  • Androgens
  • Heifers
  • Implantation
  • Prenatal

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