First results from the Soudan 2 proton decay experiment

P. J. Litchfield, W. W.M. Allison, G. J. Alner, I. Ambats, D. S. Ayres, L. Balka, G. D. Barr, W. L. Barrett, D. Benjamin, P. Border, C. B. Brooks, J. H. Cobb, D. J.A. Cockerill, H. Courant, B. Dahlin, J. Dawson, V. W. Edwards, T. H. Fields, C. Garcia-Garcia, R. H. GilesM. C. Goodman, R. N. Gray, S. Heppelmann, N. Hill, D. J. Jankowski, K. Johns, T. Kafka, S. M. Kasahara, J. Kochocki, N. Longley, F. Lopez, M. Lowe, W. A. Mann, M. L. Marshak, E. May, L. McMaster, R. Milburn, W. H. Miller, A. Napier, W. Oliver, G. F. Pearce, D. H. Perkins, E. A. Peterson, L. E. Price, D. Roback, D. Rosen, K. Ruddick, B. Saitta, D. J. Schmid, J. L. Schlereth, J. Schneps, P. D. Shield, M. Shupe, N. Sundaralingam, M. A. Thomson, J. Thron, L. M. Tupper, S. J. Werkema, N. West

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First results on contained neutrino interactions are presented from the Soudan 2 proton decay experiment. 20 neutrino events have been found in a fiducial exposure of 0.29 kton years.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number040
Pages (from-to)S393-S401
JournalJournal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Issue numberS
StatePublished - 1991

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Litchfield, P. J., Allison, W. W. M., Alner, G. J., Ambats, I., Ayres, D. S., Balka, L., Barr, G. D., Barrett, W. L., Benjamin, D., Border, P., Brooks, C. B., Cobb, J. H., Cockerill, D. J. A., Courant, H., Dahlin, B., Dawson, J., Edwards, V. W., Fields, T. H., Garcia-Garcia, C., ... West, N. (1991). First results from the Soudan 2 proton decay experiment. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 17(S), S393-S401. [040].