General discussion

K. A. Dill, F. C. Frank, A. K. Dill, D. M. Sadler, E. A. DiMarzio, C. M. Guttman, J. D. Hoffman, P. J. Flory, D. Y. Yoon, F. Dowell, R. S. Stein, E. T. Samulski, A. H. Windle, D. H. Everett, D. Rigby, R. F T Stepto, W. Pechhold, E. W. Fischer, R. Lovell, G. R. MitchellE. D T Atkins, L. Mandelkern, A. Keller, I. M. Ward, Donald R Uhlmann, J. V. Champion, R. Waring, E. L. Thomas, D. Vesely, D. T. Grubb, W. F X Frank, D. J. Blundell, M. Stamm, J. B. Vander Sande, G. C. Stevens

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)104-140
Number of pages37
JournalFaraday Discussions of the Chemical Society
StatePublished - 1979
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Dill, K. A., Frank, F. C., Dill, A. K., Sadler, D. M., DiMarzio, E. A., Guttman, C. M., ... Stevens, G. C. (1979). General discussion. Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society, 68, 104-140.

General discussion. / Dill, K. A.; Frank, F. C.; Dill, A. K.; Sadler, D. M.; DiMarzio, E. A.; Guttman, C. M.; Hoffman, J. D.; Flory, P. J.; Yoon, D. Y.; Dowell, F.; Stein, R. S.; Samulski, E. T.; Windle, A. H.; Everett, D. H.; Rigby, D.; Stepto, R. F T; Pechhold, W.; Fischer, E. W.; Lovell, R.; Mitchell, G. R.; Atkins, E. D T; Mandelkern, L.; Keller, A.; Ward, I. M.; Uhlmann, Donald R; Champion, J. V.; Waring, R.; Thomas, E. L.; Vesely, D.; Grubb, D. T.; Frank, W. F X; Blundell, D. J.; Stamm, M.; Vander Sande, J. B.; Stevens, G. C.

In: Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society, Vol. 68, 1979, p. 104-140.

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Dill, KA, Frank, FC, Dill, AK, Sadler, DM, DiMarzio, EA, Guttman, CM, Hoffman, JD, Flory, PJ, Yoon, DY, Dowell, F, Stein, RS, Samulski, ET, Windle, AH, Everett, DH, Rigby, D, Stepto, RFT, Pechhold, W, Fischer, EW, Lovell, R, Mitchell, GR, Atkins, EDT, Mandelkern, L, Keller, A, Ward, IM, Uhlmann, DR, Champion, JV, Waring, R, Thomas, EL, Vesely, D, Grubb, DT, Frank, WFX, Blundell, DJ, Stamm, M, Vander Sande, JB & Stevens, GC 1979, 'General discussion', Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society, vol. 68, pp. 104-140.
Dill KA, Frank FC, Dill AK, Sadler DM, DiMarzio EA, Guttman CM et al. General discussion. Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society. 1979;68:104-140.
Dill, K. A. ; Frank, F. C. ; Dill, A. K. ; Sadler, D. M. ; DiMarzio, E. A. ; Guttman, C. M. ; Hoffman, J. D. ; Flory, P. J. ; Yoon, D. Y. ; Dowell, F. ; Stein, R. S. ; Samulski, E. T. ; Windle, A. H. ; Everett, D. H. ; Rigby, D. ; Stepto, R. F T ; Pechhold, W. ; Fischer, E. W. ; Lovell, R. ; Mitchell, G. R. ; Atkins, E. D T ; Mandelkern, L. ; Keller, A. ; Ward, I. M. ; Uhlmann, Donald R ; Champion, J. V. ; Waring, R. ; Thomas, E. L. ; Vesely, D. ; Grubb, D. T. ; Frank, W. F X ; Blundell, D. J. ; Stamm, M. ; Vander Sande, J. B. ; Stevens, G. C. / General discussion. In: Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society. 1979 ; Vol. 68. pp. 104-140.
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