Homeodomatn genfs in vertebrate heart development

P. Krieg, O. Cleaver, K. Patterson

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The objective of our research is to understand the molecular and eellui ar processes under 1yi ng heart development in the vert abrate inbryo. In Drosophila, the homeodomam gene t iiunan is requi red for' development of r ho do r s a 1 vesse J , t he i nse<-t equivalent of t he hear t . We have i related and character i zed t wo Xnopiif homeodoma in sequences , XNkx - ;.' r> and Xt inl , which are ielar ed ' <- t i nman . XNkx 2. . 5 and Xt in! share s urn J.a r r : ansrr ipt i on pat t er ns in the embryo and bot h are expi essed in myorard ia J proqer.i t or r. long before <ard ] ;v di f f erent lat '. on . Recent exper iments have shown that, inject ion of either XNkx-2.5 or Xtinl synthetic- mRNA in<-o the Xenopt/p embryo results in a signif icant increase in t he vo1ume of heart musc le t issue . Inject i on of a con t roi X&nopiift homeodomain sequence , Xhox4 , has no de t ec-r.abl e ef f ect on cardiac morphogenesis . These i esul t s suggest r hat XNkx -,'. 3 and Xtinl play an important role in the early events of cardioyenesis . uur future exper irnen'. K aie des igned to determine the mechanism by wrn ch t he i nci'ease in heart s i ze is achieved and to ident i fy genes r egulated by XNkx-J. 5 and Xtinl in the heart development pathway.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A536
JournalFASEB Journal
Issue number3
StatePublished - Dec 1 1996
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    Krieg, P., Cleaver, O., & Patterson, K. (1996). Homeodomatn genfs in vertebrate heart development. FASEB Journal, 10(3), A536.