International workshop: Islet transplantation without borders enabling islet transplantation in Greece with international collaboration and innovative technology

Klearchos K. Papas, Theodore Karatzas, Thierry Berney, Thomas Minor, Paris Pappas, François Pattou, James Shaw, Christian Toso, Henk Jan Schuurman

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Recently, initiatives have been undertaken to establish an islet transplantation program in Athens, Greece. A major hurdle is the high cost associated with the establishment and maintenance of a clinical-grade islet manufacturing center. A collaboration was established with the University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland, to enable remote islet cell manufacturing with an established and validated fully operational team. However, remote islet manufacturing requires shipment of the pancreas from the procurement to the islet manufacturing site (in this case from anywhere in Greece to Geneva) and then shipment of the islets from the manufacturing site to the transplant site (from Geneva to Athens). To address challenges related to cold ischemia time of the pancreas and shipment time of islets, a collaboration was initiated with the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. An international workshop was held in Athens, December 2011, to mark the start of this collaborative project. Experts in the field presented in three main sessions: (i) islet transplantation: state-of-the-art and the "network approach"; (ii) technical aspects of clinical islet transplantation and outcomes; and (iii) islet manufacturing - from the donated pancreas to the islet product. This manuscript presents a summary of the workshop.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)E116-E125
JournalClinical Transplantation
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 1 2013



  • Clinical islet transplantation
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • GRAGIL network
  • Greece
  • Immunosuppression
  • Islet shipment
  • National Commission Group Islet Transplant Centre
  • National Scottish Islet Transplant centre
  • Network approach in islet transplantation
  • Pancreas preservation
  • Persufflation

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