Ki-ras proto-oncogene mutations in sporadic colorectal adenomas: Relationship to histologic and clinical characteristics

Terese Maltzman, Kirsten Knoll, Maria Elena Martinez, Tim Byers, Beth R. Stevens, James R. Marshall, Mary E. Reid, Janine Einspahr, Nancy Hart, Achyut K. Bhattacharyya, Cheryl B. Kramer, Richard Sampliner, David S. Alberts, Dennis J. Ahnen

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Background & Aims: The goal of this study was to examine the relationship between Ki-ras mutations in colorectal adenomas and characteristics of both the subject (age, gender, and family/personal history of colonic neoplasia) and the adenoma (multiplicity, size, location, and histologic features). Methods: Ki-ras mutations were detected by direct sequencing in 738 adenomatous polyps removed at baseline from 639 participants in a nutritional trial of adenoma recurrence. Results: Ki-ras mutations were detected in 17.2% of the adenomas. Ki-ras mutations were unrelated to gender, family, or personal history of colonic neoplasia, location within the colorectum, or adenoma multiplicity, but were more common in older subjects (P = 0.01 for trend), in larger adenomas (P < 0.0001 for trend), in adenomas with villous histology (odds ratio [OR], 3.2; 95% confidence interval [CI], 2.1-4.9 vs. tubular), and in adenomas with high-grade dysplasia (32.0% vs. 13.6%; OR, 3.0; 95% Cl, 1.9-4.6 vs. low-grade dysplasia). Multivariate analysis showed Ki-ras mutations to be independently associated with subject age (P = 0.01 for trend), tubulovillous/villous histology (OR, 2.3; 95% Cl, 1.5-3.7), and high-grade dysplasia (OR, 1.9; 95% Cl, 1.2-3.1). Adenoma size was not independently related to Ki-ras mutation. Conclusions: Ki-ras mutations are associated with the histologic features of adenoma progression (villous histology and highgrade dysplasia) rather than with adenoma growth.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)302-309
Number of pages8
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2001

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