Kinematic history of the Meade Thrust based on provenance of the Bechler conglomerate at Red Mountain, Idaho, Sevier thrust belt

Peter G Decelles, H. T. Pile, J. C. Coogan

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The Meade thrust fault is one of the major thrusts in the Sevier thrust belt, yet its age of displacement has remained enigmatic because of the lack of a derivative synorogenic deposit. We proposed that the synorogenic conglomerate produced by initial Meade thrusting crops out on Red Mountain, in southeastern Idaho, ~1.5 km east of the present trace of the Meade thrust. This conglomerate historically has been considered part of the Ephraim Formation of the Lower Cretaceous Gannett Group, but is is suggested that it is a conglomeratic facies of the Bechler Formation localized to the area of Red Mountain. Regional stratigraphic considerations and paleontological dates from underlying and overlying strata indicate that the Bechler conglomerate facies is Aptian in age. -from Authors

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Publication statusPublished - 1993


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