Learning to Construct Meaning From Text: A Case Study of the Relationship Between a Tutor and an English Learner Within a Response to Intervention Setting

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This case study describes the ways in which Sam, an English learner with weak comprehension, grew as a reader, student, and friend during his fourth grade year. Using the Interactive Model of Reading (Dis)ability and the RAND model of comprehension as a frame, Sam’s experience in a Tier 2/3 tutorial program is examined. Over time, Sam (1) engaged more fully in tasks that required him to construct meaning, (2) found a range of texts that sustained his interest, (3) formed bonds with peers and teachers, and (4) viewed himself as a strategic and successful, rather than a struggling, reader. When provided with a program that was responsive to his unique needs, within an environment characterized by a caring relationship with his tutor, Sam’s reading improved.

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JournalLiteracy Research and Instruction
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