Measurement of the branching ratio of KLe+e-

T. Nakaya, T. Yamanaka, K. Arisaka, D. Roberts, W. Slater, M. Weaver, R. A. Briere, E. Cheu, D. A. Harris, K. S. McFarland, A. Roodman, B. Schwingenheuer, S. V. Somalwar, Y. W. Wah, B. Winstein, R. Winston, A. R. Barker, E. C. Swallow, G. J. Bock, R. ColemanM. Crisler, J. Enagonio, R. Ford, Y. B. Hsiung, D. A. Jensen, E. Ramberg, R. Tschirhart, E. M. Collins, G. D. Gollin, P. Gu, P. Haas, W. P. Hogan, S. K. Kim, J. N. Matthews, S. S. Myung, S. Schnetzer, G. B. Thomson, Y. Zou

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A new measurement of the KLe+e- branching ratio was carried out in Fermilab experiment E799. We observed 58 KLe+e- events. The measured branching ratio is B(KLe+e-,E*>5 MeV)=[6.51.2(stat)0.6(syst)]×10-7.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2169-2172
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number16
StatePublished - 1994

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Nakaya, T., Yamanaka, T., Arisaka, K., Roberts, D., Slater, W., Weaver, M., Briere, R. A., Cheu, E., Harris, D. A., McFarland, K. S., Roodman, A., Schwingenheuer, B., Somalwar, S. V., Wah, Y. W., Winstein, B., Winston, R., Barker, A. R., Swallow, E. C., Bock, G. J., ... Zou, Y. (1994). Measurement of the branching ratio of KLe+e-. Physical review letters, 73(16), 2169-2172.