Media effects and communication bias in diverse groups

Anita D. Bhappu, Terri L. Griffith, Gregory B. Northcraft

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This paper extends research on factors influencing effective communication in diverse groups. The effects of social group membership on attention and influence were examined using 17 groups of three men and three women. Each group discussed a controversial topic face-to-face or using either an anonymous or an identified group support system environment. Social group membership biased both attention and influence; these effects were eliminated when discussions were conducted electronically - even when social group membership of participants was identifiable in the electronic media.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)199-205
Number of pages7
JournalOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jun 1 1997


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  • Applied Psychology
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

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