D. Phillip Guertin, Kenneth N. Brooks

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A deterministic, continuous simulation model was developed to predict the effects of peatland development on streamflow. The Peatland Hydrologic Impact Model is largely physically based and requires watershed information and hydrometeorological data that are usually available in an operational setting. The model was tested on stormflow events from a 3758 ha (9286 acre) undisturbed peatland and a 155 ha (383 acre) peatland that has undergone ditching and peat mining for horticultural purposes. Simulated streamflow volumes averaged 86 and 91 percent of observed volumes for the undisturbed and mined areas, respectively. Simulated peak discharges were 84 and 65 percent of observed values, respectively. Further model testing on additional sites is forthcoming and should provide a useful tool for hydrologic impact assessment.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1985
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