Multiagent chemotherapy in relapsing ovarian cancer

E. A. Surwit, D. S. Alberts, W. Crisp, R. A. Jackson, P. N. Grozea, S. Leigh

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A multiagent regimen (vinblastine, bleomycin, hexamethylmelamine, and cis-platinum) partly designed on the basis of data from a human tumor stem cell assay was used to treat 36 patients with relapsing epithelial ovarian cancer. All patients included in this study had previously received alkylating agent therapy, and 78% (28/36) had also received Adriamycin. Thirty-five patients were clinically evaluable for response; eight achieved complete clinical remission, and nine achieved partial remission, for an overall response rate of 49%. The median duration of response was 10 months, and three of the complete responders are in remission at 10+, 17+, and 22+ months. Mild to moderate peripheral neuropathy was the major side effect, occurring in 11% (4/35) of patients. Myelotoxicity was well tolerated. We conclude that this four-drug regimen is effective in the treatment of relapsing ovarian cancer patients and should be considered for study as a front-line combination chemotherapy for previously untreated patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)613-616
Number of pages4
JournalUnknown Journal
Issue number6
StatePublished - 1983

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