Non-ordinary state-based peridynamic simulation of elastoplastic deformation and dynamic cracking of polycrystal

Xin Gu, Qing Zhang, Erdogan Madenci

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The peridynamic correspondence material models provide a way to convert the classical continuum constitutive models into the framework of non-ordinary state-based peridynamics (NOSB PD) with inherent capabilities for describing long-range interactions and fracture. The present study introduces the modeling approach for crystal plasticity in the framework of NOSB PD with a penalty force stabilization technique. It also provides details for numerical implementation of explicit dynamic solver and implicit quasi-static nonlinear solver for many constitutive models. The quasi-static elastoplastic deformation and dynamic cracking examples illustrate that NOSB PD crystal plasticity can capture the fine shear bands that occur naturally in deforming polycrystalline aggregates and the elastoplastic dynamic cracking of polycrystals.



  • Crystal plasticity
  • Dynamic fracture
  • Implicit solver
  • Non-ordinary state-based peridynamics

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  • Mechanics of Materials
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