Nonlinear transverse modes of large-aspect-ratio homogeneously broadened lasers: II. Pattern analysis near and beyond threshold

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Complex order-parameter equation descriptions of pattern evolution in large-aspect-ratio two-level and Raman lasers are derived systematically as solvability conditions in a multiple-scales asymptotic expansion of the original Maxwell-Bloch laser equations in powers of a small parameter. These amplitude equations, although strictly valid near threshold for lasing, are shown to capture the essential features of pattern instability and evolution well beyond lasing threshold. A technical difficulty that can arise in the Raman laser, namely, subcriticality of the bifurcation near the critical wave number, is not addressed in the present paper and the order-parameter equations as derived are valid only when this situation does not arise. Analytical expressions for long-wavelength phase instabilities of the underlying traveling-wave pattern, which appears as the natural nonlinear lasing mode when the detuning of the laser from the gain peak is positive, are obtained from the coefficients of a Cross-Newell phase equation. Phase and amplitude instability boundaries, when computed via the original laser equations, the complex order-parameter equations and the phase equation, are shown to be consistent for all cases studied with the exception of the case when a subcritical bifurcation approaches the critical wave number kc.

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JournalPhysical Review A
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