On the influence of initial parameters on subharmonic resonance in an axisymmetric jet

C. O. Paschereit, H. E. Fiedler, Israel J Wygnanski

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Hot wire measurements in an axisymmetric jet are presented. A resonant subharmonic interaction between the two axisymmetric travelling waves was induced in the shear layer of the jet by controlled sinusoidal perturbations with two frequencies separated by one octave. The phase averaging technique was applied to assess the evolution of the coherent waves. By Fourier decomposing the phase averaged data it was possible to obtain the magnitude as well as the phase of the measured signal. In agreement with theory (Cohen & Wygnanski 1987, Michalke 1984) it was found that wherever the excited waves are non-dispersive they may interact in a manner that enhances the amplification rate of the subharmonic wave. (from Authors)

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1993
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