Optical absorption of non-interacting tight-binding electrons in a Peierls-distorted chain at half band-filling

F. Gebhard, K. Bott, M. Scheidler, P. Thomas, Stephan W Koch

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In this, the first of three articles on the optical absorption of electrons in half-filled Peierls-distorted chains, we present analytical results for non-interacting tight-binding electrons. We carefully derive explicit expressions for the current operator, the dipole transition matrix elements and the optical absorption for electrons with a cosine dispersion relation of bandwidth W and dimenzation parameter δ. New correction (η) terms to the current operator are identified. A broad band-to-band transition is found in the frequency range Wδ < ω < W whose shape is determined by the joint density of states for the upper and lower Peierls subbands and the strong momentum dependence of the transition matrix elements.


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