OsLIS-L1 encoding a lissencephaly type-1-like protein with WD40 repeats is required for plant height and male gametophyte formation in rice

Xinqiang Gao, Zhihui Chen, Jian Zhang, Xingwang Li, Guoxing Chen, Xianghua Li, Changyin Wu

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Although a large number of genes encoding the WD40 motif have been identified as being involved in various developmental processes in Arabidopsis, little is known about the function of these genes in rice (Oryza sativa). Here, we report the cloning and functional characterization of a novel rice gene OsLIS-L1 (Lissencephaly type-1-like 1), which is required for normal fertility and the first internode elongation. OsLIS-L1 encodes a lissencephaly type-1-like protein containing the WD40 motif that is required for brain development in human. SMART algorithm analysis indicated that OsLIS-L1 contains a LIS1 homology (LisH) domain, a C terminus to LisH (CTLH) domain, a five WD40-repeat domain in the middle, and a domain with four WD40 repeats which is homologous to the β subunit of trimeric G-proteins (G β). OsLIS-L1 transcript is relatively highly abundant in stem and panicle and has a dynamic expression pattern at different panicle developmental stages. Two independent alleles, designated oslis-l1-1 and oslis-l1-2, exhibited similar abnormal developmental phenotypes, including semi-dwarf, shorter panicle length, and reduced male fertility. Cytological examination confirmed that OsLIS-L1 does not affect the meiosis in pollen mother cells. Compared with wild type, the oslis-l1 mutant had abnormal male gametophyte formation, but anther cell wall and pollen wall development were not affected. Histological analysis revealed that OsLIS-L1 regulates the cell proliferation in the first internode under the panicle. Our results indicate that OsLIS-L1 plays an important role in male gametophyte formation and the first internode elongation in rice.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Number of pages15
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StatePublished - Apr 1 2012



  • Lissencephaly 1 (LIS1)
  • Male fertility
  • Plant height
  • Rice
  • T-DNA
  • WD40 repeats

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