Phase II Feasibility Study of a Weight Loss Intervention in Female Breast and Colorectal Cancer Survivors (SWOG S1008)

Heather Greenlee, Danika L. Lew, Dawn L. Hershman, Vicky A. Newman, Lisa Hansen, Sheri J. Hartman, Judith Korner, Zaixing Shi, Christine L. Sardo Molmenti, Antoine Sayegh, Lou Fehrenbacher, Shelly Lo, Jennifer Klemp, Kristine Rinn, John M. Robertson, Joseph Unger, Julie Gralow, Kathy Albain, Robert S Krouse, Carol Fabian

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Objective: This study aimed to test the feasibility of a 12-month weight loss intervention using telephone-based counseling plus community-situated physical activity (PA) in female breast cancer (BC) and colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors. Methods: This multisite cooperative group study enrolled sedentary, female, postmenopausal BC and CRC survivors with BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2 to receive 12-month fitness center memberships and telephone counseling encouraging 150 min/wk of PA and a 500-kcal/ddecrease in energy intake. Feasibility criteria included accrual, adherence, and retention. Target weight loszs was ≥ 5%. Results: Among 25 BC survivors, median baseline BMI was 37.2 (range: 27.7-54.6), accrual occurred in 10 months, 60% and 28% met diet and exercise goals, 80% provided 12-month measures, and average weight loss was 7.6% (95% CI: −3.9%, 19.2%). Among 23 CRC survivors, median BMI was 31.8 (range: 26.4-48.7), accrual occurred in 24 months, 61% and 17% met diet and exercise goals, 87% provided measures, and average weight loss was 2.5% (95% CI: −8.2%, 13.3%). Conclusions: It is feasible to recruit and retain BC survivors in a cooperative group diet and PA weight loss trial. BC survivors achieved clinically meaningful weight loss but did not meet a priori adherence goals. In CRC survivors, recruitment was more difficult, and the intervention was less effective.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2018
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