Production and characterization of two new mouse monoclonal antibodies reactive with denatured mouse class II beta chains

K. E. Lapan, D. G. Klapper, J. A. Frelinger

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We report on the production and characterization of two murine peptide specific anti-major histocompatibility complex class II chain specific monoclonal antibodies. Two new mouse monoclonal antibodies reactive with two synthetic peptides corresponding to Abb amino acids (146-157) and Ab(s) amino acids (146-157) were produced. KL295 is the mouse anti-Abb monoclonal antibody, which reacts with denatured β chains of H-2b, H-2(d), H-2(p), and H-2(q), but fail to react with spleen cell lysates from H-2(f), H-2(j), H- 2(k) and H-2(s) mice. The mouse anti Ab(s) monoclonal antibody, KL304 in contrast reacts with the denatured Class II β chains of H-2(f), H-2(j), H- 2(k) and H-2(s) mice, but fails to bind H-2(b), H-2(d), H-2(p) or H-2(q) β chain, suggesting residues 153-155 of this molecule to be critical for the epitope. Both KL295 and KL304 bind B10.WB (H-2(j)) which suggests a unique epitope in this strain of mice. Neither KL295 or KL304 react with native mouse class II cell surface molecules.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1992
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