Reactions of Clean Lithium Surfaces with SO2: Molecular Auger Line-Shape Analysis and Reaction Kineticst

Kenneth W. Nebesny, Neal R. Armstrong

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The products of the reaction of SO2 with clean metal surfaces have been examined using Auger electron spectroscopy. The Auger spectra were deconvolved of sample and instrument broadening effects, which allowed for detailed fingerprint spectra of several sulfur oxyanions to be distinguished. At SO2 pressures less than 1 mtorr, complete dissociation of the SO2 molecule to form a monolayer of 2:1 Li20 and Li2S is observed. At high SO2 pressures, an overlayer of Li2S204/Li2S203 is formed on top of the Li2S/Li20 layer. This growth behavior is apparently similar to the growth of multilayers of oxide on transition-metal surfaces. The rate of reaction of SO2 with the clean Li metal (at low surface coverages) was measured for temperatures between 298 and 357 K. An activation energy of 2–5 kcal/mol was determined for the initial reaction to form the Li2S/Li20 monolayer. A model for the growth and stability of the layer is presented.

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StatePublished - Jul 1985

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