Reengineering the retail/ambulatory pharmacy for provision of biotechnology pharmaceutical services.

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Biotechnology products offer both problems and opportunities for pharmacists. On one hand, they are expensive to purchase and keep on inventory. Typical compensation for outpatient prescriptions does not offset the cost of maintaining the inventory, or providing the education and training that patients often need to use biotechnology products properly. On the other hand, there are issues related to proper storage, preparation, and administration for which pharmacists are well prepared to address. Pharmacists are also convenient, trusted, and provide service at relatively low cost. Examples of special services that pharmacists can provide to improve the use of biotechnology products include patient education, injection clinics, provision of medical supplies, and predrawing syringes for patients. Patients are often sent to many providers for these services, resulting in inconvenience and fragmentation of care. If new compensation methods can be established to support more comprehensive pharmacy services, the use of biotechnology products by patients will improve.

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JournalPharmacy practice management quarterly
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StatePublished - Jul 1998

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