Report on results of pancreas transplantation in the United States October 1987 to October 1991 from the United Network for Organ Sharing Registry.

D. E. Sutherland, A. Gruessner, K. Moudry-Munns

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More than 3,600 pancreas transplants were reported to the International Pancreas Transplant Registry by the end of 1991. More than 2,200 of the transplants were performed in the United States, including more than 1,600 that had been reported to the UNOS Registry since October 1, 1987. Of these, more than 1,400 have been entered into a computerized data base, and in more than 1,300 there was sufficient information for actuarial patient survival and graft functional (insulin-independent) survival rates to be calculated. Overall patient (n = 1,362) survival and pancreas graft (n = 1,340) functional survival rates were 91% and 72%, respectively at 1 year; the patient and graft survival rates were 86% and 65%, respectively, at 2 years; and 80% and 57%, respectively, at 3 years posttransplant. In the 3 major recipient categories, simultaneous pancreas/kidney (SPK) transplants (n = 1,149), pancreas after kidney (PAK) transplants (n = 131), and pancreas transplants alone (PTA) cases (n = 82), the 1-year patient survival rates were 90%, 92%, and 92%, with the corresponding survival rates at 2 years being 87%, 89%, and 89%, and at 3 years being 80%, 83%, and 83% (p = NS). The corresponding pancreas graft functional survival rates at 1 year in the 3 recipient categories were 76% for SPK (n = 1,131), 54% for PAK (n = 127), and 47% for PTA (n = 82).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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