Safe, rapid administration of cisplatin in the outpatient clinic

J. Brock, D. S. Alberts

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The records of 147 cancer patients who received at least three courses of cisplatin-containing chemotherapy in the Arizona Cancer Center clinic between 1982 and 1985 were reviewed to determine the safety and tolerance of cisplatin administered in the outpatient setting. Cisplatin was administered at doses of 50-120 mg/m2 every 3-4 weeks. The drug was added to 400 ml of 10% mannitol, was brought up to 1-L volume with normal saline containing 3 g of magnesium sulfate, and was administered iv over 1 hour. An additional liter of normal saline was administered over approximately 1 hour in patients who received cisplatin doses of 70-120 mg/m2. Courses were interrupted if the serum creatinine was > 1.5 mg/dl just prior to the next scheduled dose. The median total doses of cisplatin per patient were 487, 595, and 683 mg/m2 and complete plus partial response rates were 64%, 71%, and 78% for those patients who received 50-60, 70-90, and 100-120 mg/m2/course, respectively. Cisplatin-containing therapy was tolerated without evidence of renal failure and with only moderate to severe emesis in 25% of the patients. Calculated creatinine clearances dropped only 4.9%, 13.9%, and 14.9% between Courses 1 and 6 in patients receiving cisplatin doses of 50-60, 70-90, and 100-120 mg/m2, respectively. We conclude that cisplatin doses of 50-120 mg/m2 can be administered safely and with acceptable tolerance in the outpatient setting.

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JournalCancer Treatment Reports
Issue number12
StatePublished - 1986

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