Search for High-Mass Resonances Decaying to τν in p p Collisions at s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector

Atlas Collaboration

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A search for high-mass resonances decaying to τν using proton–proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV produced by the Large Hadron Collider is presented. Only τ-lepton decays with hadrons in the final state are considered. The data were recorded with the ATLAS detector and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 36.1 fb−1. No statistically significant excess above the standard model expectation is observed; model-independent upper limits are set on the visible τν production cross section. Heavy W0 bosons with masses less than 3.7 TeV in the sequential standard model and masses less than 2.2–3.8 TeV depending on the coupling in the non-universal G(221) model are excluded at the 95% credibility level.

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StatePublished - Jan 22 2018

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