Service-dominant logic

Stephen L. Vargo, Robert F. Lusch, Melissa Archpru Akaka, Yi He

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The emergence and evolution of service-dominant (S-D) logic (Vargo and Lusch 2004a) has drawn increasing attention toward the integration of resources, especially intangible and dynamic resources and interdependent processes that drive the creation of value. The core of this developing mindset fundamentally shifts the focus of marketing and, more generally, business away from the production and distribution of goods (goods-dominant logic) toward service, the application of operant resources (knowledge and skills), as the basis of exchange. S-D logic's advancement is driven by the collaboration and contributions of marketing and non-marketing-related (and other) disciplines. Currently, evidence of this joint effort can be found in a variety of journal special issues and conference special sessions, a number of journal articles and other presentations, several dedicated conferences, and one book with fifty contributing scholars. This review consolidates the S-D logic writings of Vargo, Lusch, and their coauthors, as well as the related work (and viewpoints) of other scholars, to examine the implications of the S-D logic mindset for marketing. It (1) explores the need for S-D logic and summarizes its current state of development, (2) provides an S-D logic perspective of the market and marketing, (3) clarifies major theoretical misconceptions, (4) reviews the extension of S-D logic and its integration with existing marketing knowledge , (5) provides an assessment of the role of S-D logic in the evolution of academic marketing, and (6) offers directions for future research.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)125-167
Number of pages43
JournalReview of Marketing Research
StatePublished - 2010

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    Vargo, S. L., Lusch, R. F., Akaka, M. A., & He, Y. (2010). Service-dominant logic. Review of Marketing Research, 6, 125-167.