Stratigraphy and tectonic significance of Lower Paleozoic continental margin strata in northeastern Washington

M. T. Smith, George E Gehrels

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Lower Paleozoic eugeoclinal strata in the Kootenay Arc in northeastern Washington and southeastern British Columbia are transitional between autochthonous lower Paleozoic miogeoclinal strata and outboard volcanic arc terranes of uncertain paleogeographic affinity. They provide a record of lower Paleozoic continental margin depositional and tectonic processes oceanward of the continental shelf. The Covada Group and Bradeen Hill assemblage can be correlated with other stratigraphic units in the Kootenay arc and resemble units as far north as the Selwyn basin in northern Canada and as far south as the Roberts Mountains allochthon in central Nevada. -from Authors

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Publication statusPublished - 1992
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