Suggested guidelines for reporting keratoprosthesis results: Consensus opinion of the cornea society, Asia Cornea Society, EuCornea, PanCornea, and the KPRO study group

Michael W Belin, Jose L. Güell, Günther Grabner

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Purpose: To propose a series of standardized guidelines for reporting keratoprosthesis (KPRO) results. Methods: At the most recent KPRO Study Group Meeting (Barcelona, 2015), representatives of the 4 multinational corneal societies (Cornea Society, Asia Cornea Society, EuCornea, and PanCornea) and the KPRO Study Group agreed to propose consistent terminology for reporting KPRO results, especially in describing the length of follow-up and in the description of the KPRO itself. Consensus was reached for minimal reporting guidelines. Results: The 4 multinational corneal societies and the KPRO Study Group agreed to standardized terminology for reporting the length of follow-up, preoperative diagnosis grouping, and data stratification based on the KPRO type used. Conclusions: Guidelines suggesting minimal reporting standards will assist in both data collection and reporting and will allow for better comparative analysis and pooling of the available data.

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Publication statusPublished - 2016



  • Boston type 1
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