Synthesis and characterization of highly efficient photorefractive polymer composites with long phase stability

E. Hendrickx, J. F. Wang, J. L. Maldonado, B. L. Volodin, Sandalphon, Eugene A Mash, A. Persoons, B. Kippelen, Nasser N Peyghambarian

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We have synthesized the chromophores 4-[(4′-nitrophenyl)azo]-1,3-bis[(3″- or 4″-vinylbenzyl)-oxy]benzene (NPADVBB) and 4-[(4′-nitrophenyl)azo]-1,3-bis(benzyloxy)benzene (NPADB). New polymer composites based on the photoconductor poly(9-vinylcarbazole), the plasticizer 9-ethylcarbazole, NPAD-VBB, and the sensitizers 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorenone and (2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorenylidene)malonitrile were prepared. Ellipsometric measurements and degenerate four-wave mixing experiments were performed at 633 and 830 nm. The composites showed excellent phase stability, and nearly complete diffraction was observed at 633 nm. The two-beam coupling gain was limited by the small phase shift between the interference pattern and the index grating.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)734-739
Number of pages6
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Feb 10 1998


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