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The central notion in a replacement system is one of a transformation on a set of objects. Starting with a given object, in one ″move″ it is possible to reach one of a set of objects. An object from which no move is possible is called irreducible. A replacement system is Church-Rosser if starting with any object a unique irreducible object is reached. A generalization of the above notion is a replacement system consisting of a set of objects (S), a transformation, and an equivalence relation on S. A replacement system is Church-Rosser if starting with objects equivalent under an equivalence relation on S, equivalent irreducible objects are reached. Necessary and sufficient conditions are determined that simplify the task of testing if a replacement system is Church-Rosser. Attention will be paid to showing that a replacement system is Church-Rosser using information about parts of the system.

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Sethi, R. (1974). TESTING FOR THE CHURCH-ROSSER PROPERTY. In J Assoc Comput Mach (4 ed., Vol. 21, pp. 671-679)