The atmospheric δ13C record as derived from 56 pinyon trees at 14 sites in the southwestern United States

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Regressions of first differences of ring-width indices and δ13C values from each site were used to "correct' individual δ13C chronologies for climate effects which appear primarily related to high-frequency δ13C fluctuations. These climate-corrected chronologies were normalized as deviations from their respective 1800-1849 δ13C means, and these normalized chronologies were averaged into the master. The overall δ13C drop from 1600 to the present is c1.2-1.4‰, consistent with recent ice-core data showing a drop of 1.14±0.15‰ from 1740 to present. However, the δ13C decline in the late 19th and early 20th centuries is greater in the pinyon chronology than that of the ice cores. -from Authors

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