The Nibelungenlied - Myth and History: A Middle High German Epic Poem at the Crossroads of Past and Present, Despair and Hope

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  • Critical conflicts in Nibelungenlied - discrepancy between appearance and reality, pretense and actuality
  • Literary texts - having significance for society at large
  • Middle High German Nibelungenlied, an epic masterpiece
  • Nibelungenlied - far removed from world of modern readers or listeners, never loosing its appeal and inspiration
  • Nibelungenlied - myth and history - middle high German epic poem - past and present, despair and hope
  • Nibelungenlied, - distant mirror of social, economic, political, and emotional issues determining history of the period
  • Wealth of critical approaches to epic poem - and its high literary value
  • World of heroic epics - inviting same kinds of questions

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