Wheat bran as a means of cancer chemoprevention

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Wheat bran has been widely promoted as a means of cancer chemoprevention, and especially of colon cancer cheinoprevention. Nonetheless, there has only been limited evaluation of its actual chemopreventive utility. The Wheat Bran Fiber Trial, a 3-year phase III clinical trial designed to assess the effect of a wheat bran fiber (WBF) intervention on the recurrence of adenomatous polyps, tests the use of fiber as protective against colon cancer. Subjects of 40-80 years of age who had had one or more colorectal adenoma(s) 3 mm or larger identified and removed were recruited from sites in the Phoenix metropolitan area. A total of 1429 participants who successfully completed a 6-week placebo run-in were randomized to a high (13.5 g/day) or low (2 g/day) placebo WBF intervention. Data and specimens collected at baseline and each year throughout the intervention included dietary food frequency; physical activity frequency and intensity; smoking, alcohol, illness and medication history; other risk factor information; blood specimens; rectal biopsies; and polyp tissues. Toxicity monitoring and adherence assessment have been conducted at each study visit. A final colonoscopy conducted 3 years after randomization will be used to assess the effect of the intervention. Among the randomized participants, the majority are male (66%) and white (96%), with a mean age at baseline of 66 years. Monitoring of study subjects at 1 year revealed that the intervention has resulted in a change of 9.5-10 g/day of dietary fiber. The intervention has resulted in little to no change in the intake of other foods that provide fiber. It has had little to no impact upon the intake of micronutrients. At 1 year of intervention, wheat bran fiber appears to have had no impact upon obesity or upon blood lipids. The study will be completed in early 1999.

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