X(3872): The hidden charm of nuclear physics

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I discuss an effective field theory, X-EFT, for the X(3872), a state very close to the D0D̄*0 threshold just as the deuteron is close to the proton-neutron threshold. I use a field for the X (3872) assuming its quantum numbers to be JPC=1++. Pions are kept explicit in X-EFT together with D and D̄*, because pion exchange is relatively long-ranged due to a partial cancellation between the D*-D mass splitting and the pion mass. Pion exchange is amenable to perturbation theory. I illustrate X-EFT with a calculation up to next-to-leading order of the partial decay width of the X, assumed to be below the D 0D̄*0 threshold, into D00π0.

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EventInternational Conference "1st Stars and Galaxies: Challenges for the Next Decade" - Sao Paulo, Brazil
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OtherInternational Conference "1st Stars and Galaxies: Challenges for the Next Decade"
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